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 If you are looking to find a book that has hot contemporary romance and a great plot, look no further than Jae Johnson!

Jae Johnson is the best-kept secret in today's hot contemporary romance. Her ability to create characters with whom everyone can identify is an artform. Her first book, ALWAYS by Jae Johnson, introduces us to John Foster and his wife of five years, Amelia Foster. Johnson takes you into their marriage, and you journey with them along their path from ordinary to extraordinary. Her beautifully-crafted writing style instantly pulls you in and weaves a stunning tapestry of desire, longing and triumph that only a skilled Fantasy Spinner can do.

Jae Johnson breaks the mold of your stereotypical erotic romance characters and introduces you to characters and plots that appeal to the average, everyday person. She believes that fantasies can be achieved and shows you, through her fantasy spinning, how you can have the extraordinary relationships she has created for her characters through honest communication, unwavering trust and true, tested love.

Discover the hot contemporary romance author, Jae Johnson, for yourself and share with your friends. This is one secret that is way too good to keep! 

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Always (Book 1)

Amelia has had enough of simmering on the back burner of her once-hot marriage while her husband stokes the coals of his career. In a desperate attempt to lure him from the office late one night, she captures her passion in a photograph and sends it to him, hoping it will entice him from the caress of his office chair and into her starving arms. When she receives his one-line text refusing her, a moment of vulnerability drives Amelia into the bed of a handsome co-worker, only for her to immediately realize her mistake. After all, it’s John she truly wants.

John knows he has been neglecting Amelia in lieu of his career, but being on the fast-track to junior partner at his accounting firm, he knows it will soon pay off. He will finally be able to give Amelia the extravagant life he knows she deserves, elevating them from their small house and used cars to greater things. The sexy picture on his phone reminds him of the siren from the earlier years of their marriage, and John vows that as soon as he can, he will devote the time to unleashing her again. Yet, everything comes crashing down when he picks up Amelia’s phone by mistake one morning and discovers the evidence of her infidelity. 

An angry confrontation reveals both of their frustrations, but instead of letting betrayal tear them apart, they decide to pick up the pieces and embark on a sensual journey of discovery to find their way back to each other. Vivid erotic escapades continue until a new temptress tries to turn John’s head. When a tragic accident nearly rips the lovers apart forever, true forgiveness leads them to their Always.   

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Broken (Book 2)

 Erica is a pampered princess who can have everything she wants, except love.

A traumatic incident in her youth proves to Erica that love does not exist. Now a fiery, feisty woman, she insists on living a carefree life of anonymous, kinky sex, until a chance encounter with a married couple shows her a glimpse of true love. Still determined to deny herself, Erica visits her favorite hunting ground to find her next dalliance.

Robert had his heart broken by a forbidden romance and is haunted by her memory. Handsome and hardworking, he knows he deserves to love and be loved, so he takes a dive back into the dating pool. On a date with a co-worker, his path is forever altered when he feels the scorching gaze of the gorgeous woman across the room.

After one hot night together, Robert and Erica are forever changed. He makes her feel safe. She gives him hope of love. Together they navigate egos, self-perceptions and broken hearts while trying to precariously balance each other’s baggage.

Before Erica can give her heart to Robert, she knows she has to reveal to him the true depths of her depravity. Though Robert is convinced there is nothing that can tear him away, he is overwhelmed by her revelation. Misinterpreting his shock for repulsion, Erica explodes into an emotional inferno.

Without Robert, Erica spirals downward and hits bottom when a careless decision puts her in harm’s way. Realizing he was always her safe place, Erica makes one phone call to Robert. “Help me,” is all he hears before the line goes dead. Determined to save Erica, Robert heads out into the night.

In the aftermath, trust and honest communication help Robert and Erica piece together their broken hearts. Still, can they find their happily ever after? 

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